Thanksgiving Message from Famous Economist for Bitcoin Fans

Thanksgiving Message from Well-known Economist for Bitcoin Followers


Cryptocoin - Nouriel Roubini compared BTC to a "fraudulent illegal casino" after Bitcoin fell 17 percent. With the world's largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin losing more than $ 3,000 in just one day, crypto enthusiasts are unlikely to brag on the Thanksgiving table as it did in 2017. Bitcoin Criticism The 17 percent drop has been severely criticized by cryptocurrency critic Nouriel Roubini. Nobel prize winning economist said the best cryptocurrency ever "[…]

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Popular Analyst's Frightening Prediction For Ripple Price: Back Into The Streamer!

Widespread Analyst’s Horrifying Prediction For Ripple Worth: Again Into The Streamer!

0 - Popular altcoin Ripple (XRP) saw a parabolic spike that caused its price to double earlier this week. With this bullish move, Ripple price has increased to about $ 1 on some exchanges. However, according to analysts, this massive price increase has slowed down and the lack of any underlying catalysts supporting this move could put XRP in a deep correction. A popular analyst has now stated that XRP could be on top of seeing a selloff in the coming days and weeks. XRP, the last […]

This Means for Ethereum, According to Analyst

This Means for Ethereum, In accordance with Analyst


Cryptocoin - Ethereum and the entire crypto market went through a sharp decline. While Bitcoin fell more than 10%, ETH fell to $ 500. This selling pressure has been very intense and may continue to block the cryptocurrency in the short term. The direction of the trend in the near term will largely depend on the bulls' struggle not to drop the price below $ 500. A drop below this level could take a serious blow to the technical appearance of the cryptocurrency. Upcoming timeframes, […]

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Last Minute: Big Dump in Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum! Here's Why and What Happens ...

Final Minute: Huge Dump in Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum! Here is Why and What...

0 - Leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) is going through sharp declines after a huge rise. BTC has dropped from levels of $ 19,500 to levels of about $ 16,800 in the past 24 hours. These numbers point to a $ 2,700 drop in the leading coin. The decline in Bitcoin affected other cryptocurrencies as well. Ethereum fell over 17 percent at the time of writing, while Ripple lost more than 28 percent. So why are Bitcoin and altcoins falling hard? Bitcoin, Ripple […]

Investment Giant Will Add Altcoin To Its Platform After Bitcoin!

Funding Big Will Add Altcoin To Its Platform After Bitcoin!

0 - Christine Sandler, head of sales and marketing at Fidelity Digital Assets, says investment giant Fidelity will greatly expand its crypto offerings in the future. Christine Sandler explains that the next cryptocurrency is the leading altcoin Ethereum. But the real question is when this will happen… Christine Sandler: It is inevitable that Fidelity will serve its individual customers! In a recent interview on the Unchained Podcast, Christine Sandler, head of sales and marketing at Fidelity Digital Assets, said that investment […]

currently offers Bitcoin investment services to corporate clients: 3}

He Even Gave History! Here are the Famous Oracle's Predictions of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Altcoin

He Even Gave Historical past! Listed below are the Well-known Oracle’s Predictions of Bitcoin,...

0 - World-renowned cryptocurrency analyst Michaël van de Poppe says investors must resist the fear of kidnapping (FOMO). In addition, the analyst emphasizes that investors should continue to invest in Ripple (XRP) and Ethereum because they will increase more in the future. Michaël van de Poppe: Don't get carried away by FOMO! Keep investing in Ripple and Ethereum According to CoinGecko, Ethereum has gained 18% in the last seven days, while XRP has risen 115% in the same period. World-renowned cryptocurrency analyst Michaël […]

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"Will he satisfy?" Famous Analyst Comments Latest Developments In Gold Price

“Will he fulfill?” Well-known Analyst Feedback Newest Developments In Gold Worth


Cryptocoin - Kitco analyst Rajan Dhall today evaluated the course of the price of Gold during the day. Dhall commented on the possible points of the gold price by adding current developments as follows. Not Satisfactory Gold (0.47%) and silver (0.49%) rose in the Asian session and showed a positive trend when European markets opened. The move is not very satisfactory compared to the drop seen on Mondays and Tuesdays, but currently the bivalent metal […]

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Here are the Details of the Regulation Rumor Hitting the Crypto Money Market!

Listed here are the Particulars of the Regulation Rumor Hitting the Crypto Cash Market!

0 - The past few weeks and months have seen a strong increase in interest in regulating Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies. While global regulators are taking drastic measures against exchanges, institutions such as the US Department of Justice have published reports highlighting the risk of crime caused by cryptocurrencies. In a tweet Wednesday, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong commented on rumors that the US Treasury will make new regulations for cryptocurrency wallets, allegedly planning to "come out of nowhere" […]

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Algorand Launches Global Partner Program

Algorand Launches International Associate Program


Algorand Launches Global Partner Program To Accelerate Development and Adoption of Blockchain-Backed Products and Services. Professional Services, Infrastructure and Complementary Product Offerings; Meets Increasing Demand for Algorand-Based Solutions Algorand, a world-class blockchain that provides reliable, efficient and smooth shopping, today is the Algorand Partner Program designed to create and regulate a partner ecosystem that enables faster, easier marketing and distribution of Algorand-based products with end users in mind. (APP) […]

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Bitcoin and Altcoin Clearances Reached $ 1.9 Billion During Hard Crash!

Bitcoin and Altcoin Clearances Reached $ 1.9 Billion Throughout Exhausting Crash!

0 - The optimistic long positions on crypto derivatives have once again resulted in a significant cost for traders after a drop of $ 1.93 billion in the past 24 hours. Bitcoin (BTC) fell almost below $ 17,000, while the total crypto market lost $ 70 billion in value amid the massive drop in the prices of all crypto assets. Excessively leveraged long positions According to crypto data collector bybt, the total crypto derivative liquidations on stock exchange platforms in the last 24 hours are over $ 1.93 billion. […]

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